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The features which make GRIDSQUARE® a prudent choice for any Building.

  • GridSquare® Ceilings have Antimicrobial properties and are VOC free, which further fulfills the cleanliness and hygiene requirements of the premises.
  • GridSquare® Ceilings are fire resistant and comply with the requirements of BS 476: Part 4, 20 & 22 (2-Hour rating) & which makes them quintessential to the any site.
  • Also, GridSquare® tiles are waterproof & resistant to moisture, mold, crack or damage.
  • Gridsquare® is a planet-friendly green product certified by GRIHA & IGBC.
  • Gridsquare® is manufactured in India, resulting in reduced carbon footprint.
  • GridSquare® metal ceilings holds certifications as per IS AND BIS CODES (IS: 6745/ IS: 6012/IS: 8225 etc.), suitable to Indian standards tested & certified by reputed Labs.
  • We at GridSquare® offer both supply & installation services which no other international brand offers. Thus, giving us a chance to install adroitly and efficiently.
  • GridSquare® is an Indigenous brand, It is 100% Made In India. Our Raw Material too is sourced 100 % from within India.

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