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Lay-in System  

One of the most convenient ceiling systems in the market, GridSquare® Lay-in Metal Ceilings are quick to install and easy to maintain, and provide direct accessibility to above-ceiling systems.

Clip-in System  

GridSquare® Clip-in Metal Ceilings are the preferred choice of clients looking for a durable yet attractive ceiling system.

Linear Metal Ceiling System

Elegant and understated, GridSquare® Linear Metal Ceilings provide great flexibility in design, with closed-gap and open-gap options that allow for a variety of visual effects.

Baffle System

GridSquare® baffle system provides an eloquent an sophisticated design solution to create a clean spacious appearance. It also provides scope for excellent acoustics and ventilation system.

Mineral Fibre Ceiling

Grid Square® Mineral fiber wool acoustical ceiling tiles are specially designed to reduce noise by absorbing excess sound. Grid Square ceiling tiles are manufactured from mineral fiber wool. These tiles have excellent thermal & sound absorption qualities.

Open-Cell System

Make a unique design statement with GridSquare® Open-Cell Metal Ceilings. Lightweight and easy to install, this ceiling is ideal for interior designs with open ceiling constructions to create a spacious appearance.

Metal Wall Panelling

GridSquare® Wall Panels are prefabricated sandwiched panels manufactured from Stainless Steel/Aluminium consisting of an insulating layer of rigid Polyurethane foam between two layers of metal sheets.

Bio-Safe System

GridSquare® Bio-Safe provides excellent hygiene and resistance to disinfectants. Its antimicrobial performance is an ideal solution for healthcare environments.

Calcium Silicate Ceiling

GridSquare® Calcium Silicate Ceilings System provides a wide range of solutions for all acoustical and desired decorative finish need from high sound absorption to high sound attenuation or a balance of both.

Clip-in Swing-Down System

GridSquare® Clip-In Swing–Down Metal Ceiling System is easy to maintain yet attractive with a concealed double layer suspension system, the ceiling system is easy to align and install, with convenient maintenance and accessibility.

Linear Hingeable System

GridSquare® Linear Hingeable Metal Ceilings provides great flexibility by offering a versatile free span feature. It makes it easy to dismount and gives easy access.

Stainless Steel Ceiling

GridSquare® Stainless Steel Ceiling is an elegantly reflective finish or brushes the steel for a soft satin finish, it is a flexible material in terms of design options.

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GridSquare® has been the key manufacturer, supplier and installation service provider of ceiling systems and custom ceiling solutions to the construction companies, contractors and government agencies. GridSquare® metal ceilings are indigenously developed and produced under the Made in India and Make in Indian campaigns, with locally sourced best quality raw material. Our effort is directed towards sourcing & manufacturing in order to bring the most reliable and breakthrough products to our customers.

Our products cover an array of contract solutions, including innovative systems for acoustical and metal ceilings. We are continually testing, seeking & customising new concepts and products that enable us to meet ever-more-demanding standards of performance.

We work with architects, designers and builders to manage light, heat and acoustics, from specification to supply. GridSquare's commitment to sustainability and responsible delivery is evidenced by our continuous approach towards environmental concerns, supply chain management & customer satisfaction goals.

The individuality of your projects is a positive challenge for us and one that we particularly look forward to.

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